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Solar panels connect to the hybrid battery and store solar energy

Fronius Solutions Partner Plus (FSP+)

Westsun Energy is a Fronius Solutions Partner Plus (FSP+) allowing our customers access to a comprehensive 10-year parts and labour warranty, which would usually cost $400. In addition, this warranty is directly backed by Fronius, which means that if the installing company folds, the customer is still covered by Fronius. 

Westsun Energy, a Fronius Solutions Partner Plus 

As a Fronius Solutions Partner, Westsun Energy has a priority for service and stock, and delivers fast returns. We also keep Fronius parts stocked in our Service department (located in Wangara). This means, if you require servicing on your Fronius inverter, we can fix it in a much faster time frame. In comparison, it would take other companies 30 days to receive the necessary parts. 


*Only available through Fronius Solutions Partner Plus (11 nationally, 3 in WA)

Non-FSP+ companies have access to the standard warranty, i.e. a 5-year warranty out of the box. Although, there are free warranty extensions known as a ‘5+5 year warranty’: 5 years on parts and labour and an additional 5 years on parts only (10 years on parts and 5 years on labour). However, the 5+5 year warranty requires the customer to register their inverter through Fronius’ online portal, 

This extension warranty is also limited because it is not backed by Fronius directly. Therefore, after the first 5 years, Fronius changes for repair, freight and labour, which are costs that are NOT seen with the FSP+ warranty. If your installation company is covering those costs in the additional 5 years and then folds, this will leave you liable as the customer at a minimum of ($700). 

Fronius Proactive Services 

As a certified FSP, our technicians are trained to perform on-site service of Fronius Inverters. In case of a service incident, this ensures the lowest possible system downtime – including remote areas. In addition to this, we’re able to proactively monitor our customers’ PV systems.

Fronius’s proactive service includes integrated system monitoring, reporting and remote troubleshooting capabilities. Designed for on-site service, the Fronius SnapINverter range comes with in-built Fronius monitoring solutions, which give a comprehensive overview of the health of the PV system, provides convenient levels of remote diagnosis and can alert via email or text message in case of an error. As a FSP, Westsun Energy is able to provide proactive service, ensuring the system achieves maximum up time, optimum performance and has the flexibility to upgrade to battery storage in the future. 

Remote system analysis enables us to notify our customers of fault, which we can then fix in one trip to the site. 

Fronius Solar Battery Perth

Fronius Hybrid Battery Perth

Fronius Hybrid Battery Packages

Fronius Solar Battery

The Fronius GEN24 Plus, with power categories of between 3 and 6Kw, is the ideal hybrid inverter for private Perth households. With many features as standard, the single-phase device covers all customer requirements.

The Fronius GEN24 Plus leaves nothing to be desired with numerous features such as energy management functions, WLAN connection as standard, Ethernet connectivity and easy integration of third-party components. Thanks in particular to the PV Point – an integrated socket supplied with electricity when backup power is needed – and the full backup feature in the event of power outages, it ensures the highest degree of power supply reliability.

Fronius Battery


What to look for in both a Hybrid Inverter and Battery 

It is important to note that not all batteries are created equally. 

Fronius’s PV Point 

  • Most batteries are not yet cost effective – unless you are factoring in the value of having power in a blackout. The Fronius Gen 24 allows you to have power in a blackout without a battery. This is called the Fronius “PV Point” (PV = solar power). 
  • The PV point is not a ‘perfect solution’, as it will only operate when the sun is out and won’t back-up the entire house. The alternative is installing one dedicated power unit next to your inverter. The dedicated power unit will only turn on during a blackout. During a blackout, you will need to run an extension lead to your fridge or appliances. 


Inverter With Backup Power for Households 

Are you ready for the private energy revolution. With the Fronius Gen24Plus inverter, households can produce their own energy flexibly, economically and sustainably. The hybrid Fronius inverter enables the use of a battery system – for complete energy self-sufficiency for electricity, heating, cooling and e-mobility. 

The Fronius Gen24Plus has “PV Point”, meaning it is an integrated backup power supply, or upon request also a comprehensive full backup supply with the help of a connected battery system. 

Backup Power for all Situations 

Your energy supply needs to be reliable, which is why the Fronius Gen24Plus inverter provides an integrated basic backup power function. “PV Point” is a socket that supplies backup power to connected devices, as long as the sun is shining or there is enough energy in the battery. 

It’s full “backup” feature backs up the power supply for the entire home. It is fully automatic and reliable whilst being suitable for large 3-phase loads such as heat pumps. 

Longer Service Standard 

Due to the active cooling, the Fronius Gen24Plus provides greater flexibility in configuration and installation right from the planning phase. Moreover, it generates lower costs during operation as it requires little to no maintenance. Additionally, the integrated active cooling system supports a longer service life and higher yield through better performance. 


The Fronius Gen24Plus provides more control for more energy. Thanks to the energy management function, the Fronius inverter constantly saves time and money. The smart design of the device combined with their intelligent software support allows for a fast and flexible installation as well as optimum yield including shaded areas. The integrated active cooling also extends the service life to secure your investment. 

Solar.Start App

Fronius inverters can be configured quickly and efficiently. And the Solar.Start App makes this easy for you.