Q Home Solar Battery Perth

Q home solar battery stores todays sun to power tomorrow

Q Cells Solar Panels Perth

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Q Cells Home Battery Features 

  • 15 Year Warranty!
  • Scalable battery solutions up to 20.5kWh of battery power 
  • Smart design – All in one solar inverter and battery system 
  • Emergency backup options implemented 
  • Premium quality with peak safety using Samsung Lithium-ion battery


The Q.HOME CORE is the future of integrated solar power system solutions and is perfect for Perth homes. Combining the Q.VOLT high performance with up to three Q.SAVE modular batteries. The Q.HOME CORE is an incredibly designed and powerful system. With the use of the Q.OMMAND HOME monitoring and energy management app, the system maximises energy output by incorporating real-time weather updates into its operating schedule, providing owners with an incredible solar experience. 

The Q.HOME CORE Packages is the go-to system, especially when paired with any of Q CELLS’ award-winning, high-performance solar modules in order to reduce your power bills significantly. Perth residents can save even more by installing a Q Home Core System on their energy bills.

*Disclaimer – Q.HOME photo taken before safety stickers were installed.

Why Choose Westsun Energy?

Westsun Energy is owned and operated in Western Australia with the Directors having over 15 years experience in the renewable energy industry.

Westsun Energy employ local Western Australian CEC accredited electricians and take pride in keeping all of our installations in-house, ensuring your system is designed and fitted correctly. We do not rush or cramp multiple installs into one day. We make sure installs are installed correctly the first time.

We understand that not all products suit everyone’s property or budget. At Westsun Energy we have a dedicated team to help you design and choose the right system for your home. We are not a high pressure sales company and want the best for our customers, guiding them every step of the way.

Westsun Energy has been operating for over 10 years and we are now providing a 10 year installation warranty with all of our installs.

It is our mission to continually source the best products on the market for our customers.

We regularly provide training to our teams. We strive to keep our staff educated and up to speed on the latest products in the renewable market.

What To Expect From Q.CELLS Q HOME Solar Battery

Q Cells Solar Inverters and Q Cells Solar Batteries Perth

Hanwha Q CELLS is one of the world’s largest photovoltaic cell manufacturers, and has gained an incredible reputation for the high quality and efficiency of the product they produce. The company was founded with a mission to innovate and supply state-of-the-art technology to offer customers around the world the best technology possible. The new Q.HOME CORE is their latest innovation, iterating upon the Q.HOME to offer the best battery solutions to their customers. 

The Q.HOME CORE, like its predecessor the Q.HOME offers customers a unique opportunity to get hold of a true complete energy solution, paired with the inverter, battery and panels all coming from the same manufacturer. This provides customers with a single point of contact with their Australia support office which offers: 

  • 24/7 live monitoring 
  • 7 days a week support line 
  • 24-hour response time 
  • 24/7 active fault alert monitoring 
  • National network of support technicians 


Q.OMMAND Energy Management 

Q.CELLS solar management app, Q.OMMAND HOME allows customers to monitor and manage their energy generation, storage, and usage at any time from anywhere. The app updates every three seconds and provides a real-time view of your energy flow, as well as monthly, daily, and even hourly reports on your Perth home’s performance. Cloud-based software updates continuously with new management features, iterating upon and improving your home energy monitoring capabilities, whilst advanced AI algorithms perform real-time dynamic optimisation based on external factors including, weather, solar production, and daily usage. 

Recent Project and Testimonial

  • 24x Q.PEAK DUO G5 330w Panels
  • Q.VOLT Inverter
  • 12kW Q HOME Solar Battery
  • Two Day Installation
  • Worked with customer during the installation, ensuring no cables were exposed once the build was complete