SolarEdge Energy Hub Perth

Solar panels connect to the hybrid battery and store solar energy

SolarEdge Battery Perth

SolarEdge Energy Hub Packages

Why Choose The SolarEdge Energy Hub?

If you’re searching for a solar battery system that is both efficient and simple to use, the SolarEdge Energy Hub is an excellent choice for Perth residents and business owners.

  • Full panel optimisation
  • Single String Design – 5kW Inverters 
  • Advance Safety Features 
  • 12 Year Product Warranty 
  • WiFi Communication
  • Panel Level Monitoring 
  • In-Built Energy Meter

SolarEdge Solar Battery Features

  • Home Battery Connection 
  • Back-up (Via Interface)
  • Smart EV Charging 
  • Smart Appliance Control

The SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter 


The SolarEdge Home Hub inverter meets the biggest home energy demands in a single, next generation platform for inverters with advanced efficiency and flexibility. 

  • The platform is battery ready and electric vehicle ready 
  • All in one portal for system monitoring, updated and management 
  • Once source of warranty, training, support and servicing 

The SolarEdge Home Battery 


Experienced uninterrupted living. The SolarEdge Home Battery has been designed to easily and exclusively connect with Hub inverters, whilst delivering an industry-leading 94.5% round-trip efficiency and ensures power when it is needed most: 

  • SolarEdge Home Battery, faster battery installs with integrated solar storage 
  • Allows customers to maximise back-up power during anticipated severe weather events with the SolarEdge weather guard
  • Allows for more energy and installs with DC-coupling 
  • Home battery backs up more loads, up to 200A for whole home power 
  • Able to install up to 3 home batteries per inverter 
  • Home battery connects a generator to the backup interface for extended power  


More Savings, More Power

The SolarEdge Energy Hun has up to 200% oversizing, the DC coupled solution can generate and store more energy in comparison to AC coupled solutions – this enables larger systems with more power. 

  • Energy that would usually be lost in AC-coupled solutions now have the capacity to be stored in a battery and used by the homeowner to maximise self-consumption

Save the Day 

Keep your power when the grid is off. When the SolarEdge battery and interface are connected to the SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter, the system provides power to the whole home during outages and peak times for self consumption, maximum solar use and savings. 


Drive on Sunshine

Now is the time to make a clean getaway. The SolarEdge Energy Hub is preconfigured to connect the SolarEdge EV charger easily and without the need for additional components, allowing homeowners to to charge faster and save more. 



Seeing is Saving 

SolarEdge’s energy meter is build into the SolarEdge Energy Hub, offering the visibility to homeowners to maximise self-consumption and minimising electricity bills.