Off Grid Solar Systems Perth

OFF GRID POWER SYSTEMS: Be completely disconnected from the grid

Off Grid Solar 

What is an off grid solar system? An off grid solar system is a stand-alone system that is not connected to the electricity grid. Off grid solar systems are expensive and are generally only a viable option when the cost to connect a property to the electricity network is inordinate. If you happen to have a grid connection you are definitely better off purchasing a solar system. 

Off Grid Solar System Prices 

The price of an off grid solar system varies depending on how much power you use, your location and the amount of backup power you have. 

Off Grid Solar System Sizes 

The key to a successful off grid installation is ensuring you have enough panels and batteries to power your daily electricity consumption and not leave you in the dark. 

Days of Autonomy 

If you don’t have any back-up power in the form of a generator, you will want to ensure you have enough solar storage to get you through a few days. If your solar panels do not generate any solar energy over those days, you will still have power. The amount of storage and days of autonomy depend entirely on your location. 

Back-up Power 

It is common for off-grid solar systems to have back-up power in the form of a diesel generator or wind turbine. Back-up power is beneficial and can mitigate the 100% reliance on battery storage. 

How does Off-Grid Solar Work?

Off grid solar works by generating electricity from solar panels and utilising that energy to charge a solar battery using a charge controller. Inverters convert the DC (direct current) to AC (alternate current) so that it can power your home or business appliances. The excess solar power charged your solar battery so that you can use the electricity at night or during times your system is not generating power. 

Components Included In an Off Grid Solar System 

 For off-grid solar to work effectively, the average home will require the following components 

  • Solar Panels 
  • Solar Battery 
  • Solar Inverter 
  • Solar Charge Controller 
  • Alternative energy resource (optional) 

Solar Panels 

Solar panels are a necessity for a stand-alone system. The number of panels you will need depends on your daily electricity usage. 

Solar Batteries 

Solar batteries are also necessary as they allow your home to continue to run after the sun goes down. During the day, your solar battery will charge as your solar panels will generate excess electricity. 

Solar Inverter 

Solar inverters convert the direct current collected by your solar panels into the alternating current which is required to run your household appliances and electronics. 

Solar Charge Controller 

Solar charge controllers are vital to your batteries health. The controller regulates the voltage and current that your solar battery receives. 

About Selectronic’s 


Selectronics is an Australian owned company who has been delivering energy solutions to Australia and the world for more than fifty years. Selectronic is the manufacturer of their SP PRO, the only bi-directional, multi-mode inverter chargers made in Australia which forms the heart of every battery based energy system. The Selectronic approach allows complete flexibility with system design, allowing a tailored solution perfect for buyers. 


PowerPlus Energy Life Premium Series


The beauty of the Life Premium batteries is they are suitable for numerous applications ranging from residential, industrial, commercial and telecommunication. The product is Australian made and designed whilst being robust, reliable and well suited to the harsh Australian climate all year round. 

Solar Installation


Out with the old (Lead). In with the new! (Lithium) 

Due to niggling issues and increased energy demand we installed a new system and upgraded the size of the ground-mount array. 

The system installed in Muchea included: 

  • 9kW Solar System 
  • 18x 500w Trina Solar Panels 
  • 1x Fronius 8.2kW Primo Single Phase Inverter 
  • 5x Life Premium Series 3.3kWh with Battery Storage Cabinet
  • Design, install and commission from our CEC Accredited Installers 


SMA Sunny Island Inverter Off-Grid / Stand Alone Power Systems Video

Benefits of Stand Alone Power Systems 

  • No need for noisy generators to run 24/7
  • More cost effective then mains connection in rural areas 
  • Be your own power provider 
  • Don't be effected by black outs and fires 
  • Latest technology has become very reliable and efficient 

Energy Storage With SMA

SMA Stand Alone Solar System Perth




The company has achieved a leading technology position in the market thanks to its development and production of cutting-edge off-grid solar inverters and monitoring devices for PV systems. SMA can provide the right inverter for any application: whether for an on-grid system, self-sufficient power supply or back-up operations. For more information visit SMA Australia’s website. Westsun Energy provides the best 30kw & 300kw off-the-grid solar system. Be completely disconnected from the grid with Westsun Energy’s stand alone solar power systems.

SMA Stand Alone Solar Power System

SMA Off Grid Solar System

SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 (Battery Inverter)

  • Charge and discharge power of 2.5kW
  • Ideal for residential applications 
  • For new and existing installations, it is compatible with all lithium-ion batteries 
  • AC-connected system 
  • Efficiency up 97%

Sunny SMA Stand Alone Solar Perth

Sunny Island Off Grid Solar Systems

SUNNY ISLAND 3.0M/4.4M (For Single and Three-Phase Systems)

  • For self-consumption systems, battery back-up systems and off-grid power systems
  • All lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries can be used
  • Maximum efficiency greater than 95%

Sunny Island SMA Stand Alone Solar System Perth

SMA Sunny Island Off Grid Power Systems

SUNNY ISLAND 6.0H/8.0H (Off-grid Inverter)

  • OptiUse: Fast installation and commissioning, simplified operation 
  • OptiBat: State of charge calculations keeps you informed at all times 
  • For systems from 3 to 300kW

Solar Installation

Due to niggling issues and increased energy demand we installed a new system and upgraded the size of the ground-mount array. 

The system installed in Brunswick included: 

  • 7.02kW Solar System 
  • 18x 390w Q.MAXX ALL BLK G4+ Solar Panels 
  • 1x SMA SUNNYBOY 5kW Single Phase Inverter 
  • 1x SMA SUNNYISLAND 8kW Single Phase Battery Management
  • 4x 120VDC 3.3kWh LFP Chemistry Self-Managed
  • Design, install and commission from our CEC Accredited Installers