Approved Solar Retailer

CEC Accredited Solar Retailer

CEC Accreditation – What does it mean?

In Australia, several governing bodies determine the safety, ethics and regulatory practices that need to be adhered to in the Australian Solar Industry. One of the biggest is the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC). They provide best practice guidelines for solar retailers to adhere to via a strict code of conduct.

This document aims to protect both the industry and consumers regarding the standard solar design and installation practices that solar retailers undertake. This protection applies to individuals, households, commercial businesses, and business owners.

A board of representatives called the Code Review Panel, governs the CEC Code of Conduct. It’s an independent panel that is made up of consumer and industry representation. The purpose of the meeting is to continually review the code and make relevant updates to reflect industry progression. It inadvertently reshapes the expected standards and best practices for solar installations.

What is a Clean Energy Council [CEC] Accredited Retailer?

Westsun Energy has recently become a CEC-accredited solar retailer by the Clean Energy Council. We have been in the solar industry for over ten years and are incredibly happy with this achievement.

Becoming a CEC Accredited Solar Retailer for businesses and consumers has many benefits. Firstly, it allows us to provide peace of mind to our customers about how their solar energy and solar storage systems are being designed, installed and maintained. It gives them unwavering certainty about the high level of service and industry best practice that is being followed and maintained for every solar panel and battery storage system install that is being performed.

In conjunction with this, it allows approved retailers to feel confident in their business practices by knowing they are performing electrical work of the highest standard and safety precautions in the industry today. Read More