Why Solar Companies Fail

Why Solar Companies Fail

Why Do So Many Solar Companies Fail?

Over the past decade, the solar industry has boomed. In 2018, the number of Australian households with solar PV installations reached 2 million. That’s an average of six solar panels installed per minute!

The solar industry is increasing, yet many solar companies have left. ABC News reports that more than 700 solar companies have gone out of business since 2011, leaving around 650,000 Australians without warranties if their systems are faulty. These are called ‘orphaned’ systems because no company can take responsibility. 

So, how is it possible that so many solar companies have shut down in a booming industry?

Why Solar Companies Go Out Of Business

There are many reasons a solar company might shut down. One of the biggest reasons is how they handle claims against their products. Low prices conceal what is happening under the surface – subpar business practices and poor management.

It could be said there are two types of companies. The first are those who face adversity, doing everything they can to rectify product complaints. The second are those who, when facing such claims about their products, cannot fix the problem. The second company type is likelier to go out of business because they continuously overlook customer complaints.

Additionally, if the company uses low-quality, cheap solar products, the chance of going out of business further increases. This is because more affordable systems fail faster, leaving the company with a magnitude of failed systems at once. This can place stress on the company’s resources, causing a business to shut down due to increased pressure and the inability to deal with the problem correctly.

At this point, it’s easier for a business to declare bankruptcy instead of replacing many failed solar systems. When this happens, existing customers are left with few options and are forced to write off the failed system, starting fresh with a new company.

This situation is all too common for solar companies and many companies operating in different industries. Thankfully, it’s possible to prevent this by choosing a stable solar company and avoiding cheap products at all costs. Read More

Solar Installation in Tapping

Solar Installation in Tapping

Westsun Energy provides high-quality installation of solar systems in Tapping and surrounding suburbs. We have over 15 years of experience offering our clients reliable advice and services. We aim to help businesses and homeowners find personalised solutions and convert to cleaner and more sustainable solar energy.

To maintain the quality of our services, we only work with our team of friendly and experienced electricians with Western Australian CEC accreditation. We only use the latest, most efficient solar technology available. We fully equip ourselves with knowledge and training to keep up with the latest solar advancements.

We understand that Solar systems are not a tiny investment, requiring significant money, time, and effort. For this reason, we want to ensure that our clients make the best decisions for their needs. We take our time to help our clients understand their options and find a system that will work best for them.

With client satisfaction as our top priority, we ensure we continue improving our services. We take pride in our work and always put our clients first. We continually source the latest solar technology to provide our clients can access to the best products and services in today’s market.

What solar systems can you install on your property in Tapping?

At Westsun Energy, we understand that each client has different needs, so we provide a range of solar installation systems in Tapping. Here are a few solar installations we offer to our clients:

Solar Panels
Solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that can power your home or business. Whether you want to add a few units or a new solar system for your home or business, we can help you get the best options to suit your needs. Read More

Solar Installation in Wanneroo

Solar Installation in Wanneroo

Westsun Energy is a Wanneroo solar company providing high-quality solar installations for homes and businesses. We have over 15 years of experience helping our clients benefit from cheaper, cleaner solar energy. We take pride in contributing to a cleaner and greener Australia through our work.

Westsun Energy has a team of Western Australian Clean Energy Council Accredited electricians. To keep providing the highest standard of service, we only work with our in-house team. We are also passionate about keeping up with the latest solar technology and finding the best systems for our clients.

Investing in a new solar system can be a huge step. Unlike sales companies, we do not pressure our clients. Instead, we take time to explore all available options with our clients, explaining the pros and cons of each system. This way, our clients can make an informed decision.

Westsun Energy takes pride in delivering the highest standard of service possible. With client satisfaction as our top priority, we strive to meet all your solar energy needs and exceed your expectations. We are also happy to answer all your questions, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Solar Systems in Wanneroo Offered by Westsun Energy
What solar system can you install on your property in Wanneroo?

With the rising cost of electricity, more and more people are turning to solar power to save money. There’s no better time to consider investing in a solar system. Westsun Energy offers a wide range of solar system installations for homes and businesses, including: Read More