Growler Depot

Growler Depot love beer and are incredibly passionate about their consumers drinking fresh consistent beer. They set out to provide a service for the industry that they love and solar a problem that affects all breweries – maintaining product quality throughout the distribution chain. Growler Depot understand each breweries individual needs and work directly to tailor a delivery solution to suit their people. 

Growler Depot offer 24/7 access to their online system to help manage stock levels. Cold storage, for the moment your products arrives at their warehouse and refrigerated delivery with a number of refrigerated vans available for distribution. 

Growler Depot approached Westsun Energy to supply and install a 100kW solar system on their warehouse in Canning Vale, the system installed included: 

→ 99kW Solar System 

→ 198x Trina Vertex 500kW Solar Panels 

→ 1x Fronius Tauro ECO 100kW Three-Phase Inverter 

→ Design, install and commission from our CEC Accredited Installers 

→ Another Westsun Energy customer powering the future