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Experienced Solar Panel Installers

At Westsun Energy, we provide the installation of solar panel systems throughout Perth. With over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, our installers are near you in Perth and have everything you need to provide you with the best possible solar installation for your home.&

We employ local West Australian CEC-accredited electricians while taking pride in keeping all of our solar panel installations in-house. This allows us to ensure your system will be both designed and fitted correctly.

At Westsun Energy, we understand that not all products are suitable for our client’s budgets or properties. We have a dedicated team of professionals that will help you choose the right system for your home. Additionally, we are not a high-pressure sales team and are seeking the best possible outcome for our customers, guiding them through every step of the process.

We have made it our mission to continually source the best products within the renewable energy market, and we are regularly providing training to our teams. At Westsun Energy, we strive to keep every one of our staff members educated and up to speed on the latest products in the renewable energy market.

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Solar System Installation

Solar system installation has become increasingly popular for homeowners. Perth is not only one of Australia’s sunniest cities, but electricity prices are generally more expensive in comparison to other capitals, which makes solar installation and solar power a very clever investment for the people in Western Australia. 

At Westsun Energy, we have a huge range of CEC-accredited products available for all of our customers. We ensure that you choose the right renewable energy products for your home or business. We source our products for solar installation directly from a manufacturer, meaning you’re able to take advantage of excellent deals all year round. 

Living in WA presents an excellent opportunity for both home and business owners to reduce their power bills from harmful carbon emissions through solar installation. With ideal sunny conditions present for more than half the year, your solar installation will provide excellent results and incredible savings. As mentioned previously, with over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, we have seen the uptake of solar power in Western Australia substantially grow over the years, and we are exceptionally proud to be a part of it. Get a free quote now: (08) 9303 9810

Commercial and Residential Solar installations

Living in Perth has many benefits, one of which is that we enjoy more sun saturation than almost all other major cities in Australia. With an average of 8 hours of sunlight daily and an average of 119 clear days a year. Even in winter, the temperature barely drops below 5 degrees, allowing solar power systems to seamlessly maintain their efficiency throughout the year. This helps keep homes from relying too much on the grid, therefore saving you a lot of money. 

There are still government incentives for your solar installation. It helps reduce the initial cost of your solar system and credits homeowners who put excess electricity back into the grid. Talk to our team now: (08) 9303 9810

How Much Can I Save With My Solar Installation?

Although solar systems are always worthwhile, the specifics of financial savings through solar power will depend on a number of different factors, which include energy consumption, panel orientation, and the tilt and shading of your panels. 

However, you can use the below data as a rough estimate for your solar savings:

Solar Installations in Perth WA

Rebates Available In Western Australia 

Below is the following rebate that is available in Western Australia with your solar installation: These do not include universally available rebates such as STC’s (Small Technology Certificates). 

The Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme: This rebate has been implemented to encourage homeowners to make the most of their solar installations. The rebate offers higher buyback prices during the early hours of the evening rather than at the peak of the afternoon when the majority of solar is generally generated.  

What Type of Solar PV System Should I Install? 

Solar PV systems must be capable of withstanding the intense heat of the sun in Western Australia while continuing to work efficiently throughout the summer. People considering solar installation on their homes should consider Australian-supported products with comprehensive warranties and post-sales support in the event that something goes wrong. This is important, as you will always be able to receive any assistance if needed. 

Westsun Energy and our Solar Solutions 

Westsun Energy has been operating for more than 11 years and has installed solar systems all throughout Western Australia, including a large-scale commercial for some of Western Australia’s biggest companies and residential solar systems far and wide, including rural areas. We offer 10-year post-installation service on all of our installations and believe in providing our customers with the best possible products on the market. 

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