Solar Inverters

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Solar Inverters

The solar inverter is the most sophisticated part of any grid-tie solar system. Selecting a quality solar inverter is vital to your system running successfully with no issues. At Westsun Energy we pride ourselves on providing the best information and service to suit your needs. Below are solar inverters we recommend you install on your system.

Fronius Inverter Perth

Fronius inverters

Fronius Solar Inverter Perth

Fronius inverters are efficient and reliable and form the indispensable heart of every photovoltaic system. Power categories ranging from 1.5 to 27.0 kW guarantee suitability for virtually any system size – from a family home to a large-scale system.

With power categories ranging from 3.0 to 8.2 kW, the Fronius Primo perfectly complements the SnapINverter generation. This single-phase, transformerless device is the ideal inverter for private households. Its innovative SuperFlex Design provides maximum flexibility in system design, while the SnapINverter mounting system makes installation and maintenance as easy as possible.

With power categories ranging from 3.0 to 20.0 kW, the transformerless Fronius Symo is the three-phase inverter for every system size. Owing to the SuperFlex Design, the Fronius Symo is the perfect answer to irregularly shaped or different roof orientations. A WLAN or Ethernet internet connection as standard plus easy integration of third-party components make the Fronius Symo one of the most communicative inverters on the market.

SMA Inverter Perth

SMA Inverters

SMA Solar Inverter Perth

Unquestionably the world’s leader in solar inverters in terms of quality and volume. Designed and manufactured in Germany, SMA sets the benchmark for solar inverters in the commercial, residential and utility solar markets.

With more than 38 years experience, SMA is the world’s longest servicing solar inverter manufacturer. German engineered and designed, SMA is considered the top European inverter manufacturer brand by Australians. There are over 750,000 SMA inverters installed in Australia, producing more than 35% of all solar electricity in the country.

Thanks to their superior quality, SMA’s range of inverters are some of the most popular in Australia. Fit-table to all modules, they can meet all grid specifications worldwide. And thanks to SMA’s continued innovation they’ve set new benchmarks with maximum yields, with leading edge efficiencies of up to 98%.

Solaredge Inverter Perth

Solar Edge Inverters

Solar Edge Inverters Perth

SolarEdge invented an intelligent solar inverter solution that revolutionised the way power is harvested and managed in a solar system. The SolarEdge direct current optimised inverter system, maximises power generation at the individual PV panel level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the solar system.

Addressing a broad range of solar segments, from residential solar installations to commercial the SolarEdge system consists of inverters, power optimisers, storage solutions, and a monitoring platform.

The SolarEdge system enables superior power harvesting and panel management by deploying power optimisers to each PV panel, while maintaining a competitive system cost by keeping the alternating current (AC) inversion and grid interaction centralised using a simplified DC-AC inverter.

Huawei Solar Inverter Perth

Huawei Inverters

Huawei Inverter Perth

The Huawei commercial solar inverter range has been available since 2011 with their residential inverters reaching the Australian market in January 2018. Huawei are the largest solar inverter manufacturer in the World shipping more than twice as much as their nearest competitor.

Huawei have a single and three phase energy meter, often called a ‘smart meter’ which is optional but provides some very useful additional reporting information. Without the energy meter, the Huawei Fusionsolar reporting data (available free for both smartphone and web browser) will show the solar production. However, with the smart meter, the reporting shows imports of power from the grid, exports out to the grid as well as self-consumption of the solar. This data is provided 24 hours a day, not just when the solar is operating.

Sungrow Inverters

Sungrow solar inverters are renowned for both their quality and reliability. To top this off they are well supported within Australia with exceptional warranties. 

Sungrow hybrid inverters when paired with the a Sungrow battery is an excellent way to get home storage. 

Why choose Sungrow:

  • Exceptional value 
  • Well supported with an Australian office with over 10 years’ experience 
  • Great monitoring system 
  • Hybrids with AC coupling available for more solar on backup circuits 
  • Well regarded amongst installers 


Growatt Inverters Perth

Growatt Inverters

Growatt Inverters Perth

Growatt was founded in 2010, they are a manufacturer of residential, commercial, and large-scale utility solar inverters. With headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Growatt didn’t take long to establish itself as a leading inverter manufacturer. Growatt offers a comprehensive range of solar Inverters, from 1kW to 2.52MW, together with energy storage solutions for on and off-grid applications and smart home energy management solutions.

Over the last decade, the Growatt solar inverter range has established a place in the modern solar market. Producing various products at the more affordable end of the spectrum, Growatt has displayed the ability to evolve consistently, while supporting past product releases with reliable warranty support.

Goodwe Inverter Perth

Goodwe Inverters

Goodwe Solar Inverter

Goodwe specialises in the production of string solar inverters, with a range between 1.5kW and 80kW. These include single-phase and three-phase inverters whilst the company also manufactures inverter devices for use with energy storage. 

In both 2019 and 2020 Goodwe was the recipient of EuPD Researchers’s Top Brand PV Award in Australia. This award is based of recommendations by solar installers around Australia.